Abstracted Portrait Painting Workshop

November 17 1-4PM and 5:30-8:30PM

Cost: $60.00 +tax


Material List for Students to Purchase Before Class

- Canvas or wood panel (any size 16x20 or larger) background painted before class in a color of your choice (not too light or dark- stick with a medium shade)

- Acrylic Paint (various colors of their choice minimum 3, plus black and titanium white)

- Brushes (Bright or flat #4, #8, #10) and any style brush in a #2

- Graphite stick/crayon

- Reference image of a face (straight on portrait style) printed in black and white



Join artist Melissa Dinwoodie in a fun workshop learning a unique style in portrait painting. This class will push you to think outside the box and let you create a portrait with a loose, slightly abstract style.

This process of painting can be applied to any subject matter, and will let you experiment with color and a very free brush stroke movement.

To Register, click the "Register" button and tell us which time you're registering for, how many people ae coming, and how you would like to pay. Payment options include e-transfer and in store. 



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