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Summerland Creativity

ArtVine Creative Spaces has room for everyone! ArtVine was born to support other creatives in the Okanagan community. We are a birthplace of fun conversations and whimsical ideas. Whether you are an art lover or looking to embrace the creative vibration, we invite you to come in and say hello!

Now what about our story? Well, it all started with our sister company, The BeadTrails Experience. Karen Griggs began making jewelry and beads as an artist in residence in a small studio located at the Summerland Art Gallery over 10 years ago. After developing the business model with the support of Community Futures, it was time for Karen to spread her entrepreneurial wings and move operations to the Summerland Visitors Center.


While growing the BeadTrails community she started selling other works from local artists. As Karen kept bringing on more products, she soon outgrew the space and found a new home at our current location in the heart of downtown Summerland, where we shared the space with Maple Roch.

When Maple Roch expanded their operations and moved across the street, we were left with a dilemma. What are we going to do with all this empty space!? Well, fill it of course! Hence, we expanded to our current size, with room now for weekly workshops, hosts of artwork, creatives, and space for start-up businesses and partner companies. And so much more to come…. our story’s not over yet!

Want to sell your work?

We are looking for artists that want to sell their work in our store! 

Want to lead a workshop?

We love having a variety of different artists to do workshops for our community in Summerland

Want to rent workspace?

We're always keen to partnering up with other like-minded busineeses in need of a friendly working environment.

Email us to set up shop!

Or call give us a call at 250-328-9369

Randall Young leading a painting workshop
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